Striped Bass Fishing on the Hudson River

Just a few pictures of some of the Striped bass we have caught on the Hudson River over the years.....

If these pictures are not enough to get your blood pumping then we don't know what is. Our Charter fishing trips for Striped bass are located on the Hudson river and we are docked in Green Island NY. We fish from the Troy dam, south down to Albany NY. This area is home to some of the best striper fishing upstate New York has to offer due to the geographical nature of the river and the way it naturally bottlenecks we have a huge concentration of trophy fish to catch. Make sure you book your trip early as prime dates book fast, we can't wait to get you hooked into a "MONSTER"!

Salmon Fishing on Lake Ontario

Pictures of Trophy Salmon and Trout from Lake Ontario New York

Although we may not have as many Salmon and Trout picture displayed the ones, we do, are ones worth talking about! The question is can you actually land one of these beast or will you have to quit and give up the fight to one of your buddy's or even worse one of the crew!!! Let's see if you have what it takes to land a notorious KING salmon.

Muskie and Pike Fishing on the Mohawk River

Pictures of Muskie and Pike caught aboard the Monster Hunter......

Fishing for Muskie and Northern Pike is our true passion. When we are not out running charter trips for Striped Bass or Salmon this is where you will find us, even on our days off. If you haven't had the opportunity to catch a Muskie or Trophy Northern Pike then you are missing out on some of New York States best game fish. Pound for pound these fish fight better than any other fish we have landed, they do not like to be caught and make sure you know all about it as you try and get them boat side! Come aboard the Monster Hunter and let's get you hooked....

Monster Hunter Charters Striped Bass

Striped Bass fishing on the Hudson River with Monster Hunter Charters

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